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The Board of the NAUGHTY NOODLE FUN HAUS (NNFH) is seeking to appoint two new Board members to fill the role of :

  1. Treasurer The Treasurer leads the financial oversight of the organisation and is a key champion of the Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance.

The Treasurer has oversight of the financial management of NNFH, ensuring that NNFH is working within regulatory and legal frameworks and an agreed financial plan. As NNFH is a small non-profit organisation the Treasurer must be prepared to engage with the Co-chairs and Artistic Director on practical financial management issues.

As a Board member, the Treasurer shares responsibility and decision-making with other members of the Board and it will therefore be an important part of the Treasurer’s role to ensure that other Board members understand financial information that is being presented and the implications of this information

  1. Fundraising Lead / Chief Storyteller (General Board Member) Willing to get your hands and head (skin) in the game through your existing Skills in fundraising, impact reporting, evaluation, sustainability.

Our team is committed to evidence-based practice and utilising approaches that support future readiness. We seek a leader who can and will deliver tangible solutions that address getting our story across the line. This role will lead on our approach, around project and campaign level evaluations across the organisation.

You would be expected to interpret and deliver insights on existing time sensitive data being collected on all activities related to evaluation



As a Human Rights focused Arts & Culture organisation, we are targeting “diversity as the norm”, increasing exposure to a greater range of artist, audience and community voices and perspectives including LGBTQIA+; Aboriginal & Torres strait islander people, people of color, women, youth people living with disability, multi-faith, multi-cultural, inter-generational and socially isolated.

Doing things, a little differently and about to turn 4, NNFH has very quickly become the Central Coast NSW’s leading Contemporary Arts & Culture organisation delivering inclusive, Multi-Arts & Discourse.

We are a small registered DGR charity Arts organisation and “working board” There are no hitchhikers or stars. Board members are not only the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future but participants in the operational streams across financial, annual and impact reporting right through to networking and fundraising. The individual members of the board implement the organization’s mission and our reach is only as limited to the number of arms at the table. Working boards such as ours can only  flourish if the board has all members contributing. The best way to manage these constraints is an airtight system to break down strategy into manageable tasks and projects whereby we track progress and minimize the  “fluff” of irrelevant information or unproductive meetings. This relieves much of the administrative stress, so members can place more energy on the board’s strategic responsibilities and tasks committed to.


SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE – Please note that these are voluntary position.

1.The Treasurer role is suitable for an accountant with senior manager, director, partner, Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller experience. Capability and willingness to oversee the practical operational aspects of the organisation’s finances, including influencing direction and leading the Financial management of the organisation.



2. Philanthropy Lead / Chief Storyteller role (General Board Member) Someone who can inspire giving out of a genuine connection with and belief in our mission, has capacity and passion to deliver on Impact and Evaluation external reporting outcomes which are deadline driven and informed by our community of audience and artists evidence and Impact strategy.



Both roles:

NNFH has a collaborative working Board that takes an “all pitch in” approach. Being a small org our Board is involved in the day-to-day management of the organisation and meets every 8 weeks (remotely and in-person).



If you are interested in serving on a hard-working board of Directors, the Board is interested in talking with exceptional leaders who are doers and have experience in human rights, gender and sexuality diverse community organisations, major events or registered DGR charities.

If measurable and far-reaching outcomes that go beyond the ticking of boxes excite you, and your keen to roll up your sleeves in the build for happier, healthier, safer and stronger regional communities for all peoples then we would love to hear from you.

As a NNFH Board Member you will be required to:

Expressions of interest are due in by 5pm Monday 31 OCT 2021 and should include a short bio, why you’re interested in the position, what you believe you will bring and a CV outlining professional experience directed to: The Co-Chairs via email to; board@naughtynoodle.com.au

You can get to know our  current board here

Please feel free to tag & share across land with your networks & view our existing Board of directors and leadership team here