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Naughty Noodle Fun Haus Talent Management


Centred on holistic artist representation

We represent emerging, up ‘n coming  and professional diverse, bold artists that amplify progressive, disruptive ideas. We also facilitate meaningful and impactful connection between diverse practitioners with opportunities in theatre, film, club, festival, television and live events.

Committing to visibile artist diversity is not box checking, meeting quotas, or reaching out on days of significance to women identified, LGBTIQ, 50+ or people of color . It is about authentic ongoing inclusion and organisational commitment to diversity advancement visibiltiy.

There is a fourth wall of discomfort that still needs to be broken down and for explorations and conversations like these to even happen venues, festivals, clubs and arts organisations, need to come together & address authentic ongoing inclusion which is going to enhance creative growth now and into the future.



How we can support your mission:

  • seeking or finding work opportunities for  you
  • negotiating terms of an agreement for, and the conditions of, your performances
  • finalising arrangements relating to your fees/ payment
  • negotiating arrangements relating to your attendance as a performer at a performance,
  • administering the agreement between you and an entertainment industry hirer,
  • making arrangements for publicity attendances and related publicity responsibilities


CLIENTS/PARTNERS: (Agencies, Venues, Theatres, Producers, Festivals etc)

What we expect from our relationship with you:

  1. Recognising engagement and well-being outcomes for reqional artists
  2. Generate positive social benefits for marginalised / intersectional Artists who are trading their creative products or services
  3. Make sure project staff are equipped to support diverse Artists (including First Nations, LGBTIQ,  young people, Women, 50+ ) involved to engage fully in the project, understand duty of care and other protocols and requirements (see supporting documents)
  4. Payment to Artists ontime