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Here at the Noodle we strive to be a visionary Regional Arts & Culture Charity that is challenging norms and championing authentic, ongoing inclusion and visible diversity.

We are actively embracing the efforts of local, state, National & indeed Global organisations and corporations by supporting systemic social change and well-being through our multi arts-based work across the multiple communities we serve.

We align ourselves with innovators who are doing the work and further providing inclusive opportunities for all.

Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is an incorporated Artist Led organisation with a passionate (volunteer) working board. All income goes to further our charitable purposes and maximising our impact to make a difference with creative activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our Central Coast communities.

It takes a village to make a Village so please – Join us in intentionally leveraging the power of the arts, culture & creativity to serve our communities interest while driving a broader agenda for change, growth & transformation through the building of character & quality of place.

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Arts contribute $111 billion to the economy each year, but to focus on the financial side of things is to miss the point.

We need art, music, film and the whole shebang! Aside from the fact it’s what’s kept us all sane through isolation, it’s what helps inspire us, shape our thinking, and bring us together. The Noodle is Regional, independent and bold arts that’s making positive and lasting social and economic impacts for our region through Increased exposure to a greater range of voices and perspectives - enabling accessible spaces for audiences, paid work for artists, opportunities for volunteers, creating new jobs across Sound and Lighting, Food, Beverage, drip feeding to all the accommodation, retail and local businesses. Get into the diversity of life, it’s the only way forward! Every cent donated to our charity goes towards paying artists, crew, producers, performers, local suppliers, equipment, bills and venue - that’s how important you are to this puzzle!