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Supporting and building local communities & economies.

We prioritise working with organisations that provide inclusive opportunities.


We value being a welcoming organisation and Region.

Creating a connective environment via the implementation of ideas. 



Inspiring new thinking, open dialogue.

We value difference & diversity.


We exist to break boxes not tick them.

A Central Coast that is collaborative & visible in supporting artists & thought-leaders who are bold, courageous and aligned with progressive, positive communities which organically create opportunity, social and economic wealth for the region.



As Central Coast NSW’S home for multi-arts and discourse we are 100% leveraging the unique capacity of the arts to inspire, inform, promote, and contribute to change at all levels.

We are engaging creativity as the change agent for diversity as the norm in our communities and beyond in a creative mission which simultaneously advocates for social innovation and change.

Our focus is to promote participation & active engagement of Arts & Culture based activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our communities, creating safe & inclusive spaces for self-expression which inspire & celebrate unique & diverse imaginings.





FunHaus Factory is a continually evolving Arts & Entertainment organisation established in 2018 as an intentional cause, culture and creativity led initiative that fosters transformation, builds inclusion, promotes diversity and creates dialogue across our Central Coast region.

A change agent in changing times. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the mountains of support from our communities, our visitors and the ever growing Noodle “Creatives Collective” of artists, academics, thought leaders, local innovative businesses and independant change makers all part of creating the organic exchange and delivery of ideas that support and future proof local regional communities health, happiness, equity & economies.

One thing we know for sure is the Value of conscious and intentional Arts as a key source of economic, social and community regeneration globally.

As a community let’s play big! LETS GET VISIBLE





Promote participation and the active engagement of diverse Arts & Culture based activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our Central Coast community contributing to community identity and serving as a focal point for community engagement, pride and achievement. We want to engage in processes that foster societies that are stable, safe and just societies that are based on the promotion and protection of all human rights, as well as respect for and value of dignity of each individual, diversity, pluralism, tolerance, non-discrimination, non-violence, equality of opportunity, solidarity, security, and participation of all people, with a focus on marginalised groups and persons.   MORE


The development of local creative ecology which has the potential to expand minds. Arts and culture are essential for building community, supporting development, nurturing health and well-being, and contributing to economic opportunity. Lets attract new as well as returning audiences & Artists across all demographics. Collectively, arts and culture enable new understandings and envisioning of a shared, more equitable future and in disinvested communities, arts and culture act as tools for community development, contributing to strengthening cultural identity, healing, and fostering shared vision for community.   MORE


There is nothing we love more than to provide pathways & lead social change through creating & delivering diverse & inclusive arts culture. In 2 short years we have opened our doors to over 10,000 audiences and expanded to hundreds of collaborators who are creating and supporting art across a variety of media, including Music, Fashion, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), Writing, Costuming, Drawing, Performance and other awesomeness!   MORE


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